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Our radio partners speak directly to audiences that consider them family friends, even though their conversations are broadcast for all the hear. Often viewed as local celebrities, farm broadcasters are an important part of the fabric of rural life.

Their hard work and time spent covering 4-H, fairs, field days, FFA banquets and a host of other small town gatherings matters to their listeners. But it’s also the news of the latest market rally or approaching storm that keeps farmers tuned in to what’s happening via radio.

Broadcast Group

The J.L. Farmakis, Inc. line up of farm broadcasters is more than 40 strong. Many of these broadcasters have decades of experience and unsurpassed name recognition among growers in their areas. When you add our radio networks to your campaign, your message runs right next to timely reports from these trusted sources.

Our State Farm Radio Networks comprise the largest ag broadcast group in the nation.  Twenty-two networks cover 34 states with 950+ stations providing over 200 ag programs a day. It is why you can trust our radio solution to get your message to your audience every day.

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