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Print remains a powerful medium.  Our publications target audiences that remain engaged and interested in relevant, timely news.

We commissioned Millennium Research to conduct a Farmer Speaks study to ask what content mattered most. Not surprisingly, local information topped the list for farmers. News, weather and markets impact their daily lives.  The weekly publication of this information is a vital part of their decision-making process.

It’s the same for all our print publications, regardless of what sector. Customers seek information from respected sources. We’re proud to represent trusted local and category news organizations that have been valued by their readers over time.

Ag Publications – Where Advertising Performs

Our weekly and bi-weekly farm publications are the place where farmers go first for information on new products according to Readex®.  We also help them keep up-to-date on information that impacts their bottom line and what’s going on a few counties away.

The J. L. Farmakis, Inc. print portfolio provides the reach and frequency needed to build a strong foundation for your media plan. High frequency schedules help keep your message fresh and in front of your audience. Plus, you have more flexibility with shorter lead times.

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