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Digital media is changing more rapidly than any other media sector. It’s been challenging for both clients and agencies.

Today’s producer is more tied to technology than ever before, and it’s important to reach them across all platforms, wherever they go.  Using a multi-tiered approach, and covering your bases from all angles, provides the best opportunity to deliver your message to this unique group.





Digital Solutions

J.L. Farmakis, Inc. serves as a single-point solution for your digital needs, providing a premium site-direct “network” of our publishing and radio websites, first and third-party programmatic targeting capabilities, native and social opportunities, as well as e-Newsletters to extend your brand and content delivery.

Serving more than 5,000,000 impressions per month to more than 500,000 unique visitors across our site-direct “network,” you can rest assured that your message is being seen in a premium ag environment, next to the local content that farmers rely on and trust.

Extending beyond our core media partners, we can reach producers with multiple programmatic tactics, including but not limited to, geographical, contextual and behavioral targeting, geo-fencing and video.

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