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Want to know that your ad is being placed in the right context?  With the J.L. Farmakis, Inc. Digital Ag Network, we offer geographical, hyper-local contextual and behavioral targeting all in one single solution.

Serving more than 5,000,000 display impressions per month to more than 500,000 unique visitors across our site-direct “network,” you can rest assured that your message is being seen in a premium ag environment, next to the local content that farmers rely on and trust.

To offer our advertisers even more accuracy, we are excited to offer new first-party data among a growing list of our sites.  Leverage our demographic data to create a customized campaign direct to your target.

Reaching more than 150,000 opt-in subscribers with our local and regional e-Newsletters, you can extend your branding message, call to action or native content via our trusted local media vehicle.

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